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A little about our history, journey to date and future directions.

Starting Out

in brief, our background - how we started out.


Our portfolio takes into account personal development in 4 key areas:  Engineering, Counselling, Training, Mental Health.

Creativation was formally launched in 2000 after an extended 'apprenticeship' in the automotive industry (technical and business environment) in parallel with active community service in Mental Health and continuing personal development through Counselling training.

Creativation as an idea goes further back to a decade and a half development period during which learning from apparently different arenas came together into a coherent portfolio inspired by Handy's 'Shamrock Management' approach.

These slow realisations prompted a call to action and a step away from the comfortable confines of a 'regular' job in industry and towards independent practice.

It was simply a matter of reaching out to the world to share in the knowledge and experience.

Creativation was finally brought to life.

First Year

Being a creative business we were involved in a number of simultaneous endeavours.

Scope of our services in 2000

With a simple and ambitious mission to reach out to the world, we segmented the business to provide creative solutions for:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Communities


Our creative efforts included diverse efforts such as:

  • Working with a Mental Health charity - volunteer management, supervision and training.
  • Working with unemployed young people
  • Confidential Counselling for individuals
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Services for manufacturing organisations.


Learning ..

The first year of operation provided valuable learning and the business consequently focused back on Engineering, Quality Assurance and the Automotive Industry in particular.

First Decade

Steady refinement organic development of business.

From 2001-2010, our core work focused on providing Quality and Quality Assurance services to the automotive industry.

Partnership working was essential in delivering effective services.

In the meantime, we continued to work within mental health and personal development arenas and developed specialist services within the Criminal Justice System.

This prompted a diversification with the launch of a Social Enterprise in 2010 to focus on the Criminal Justice / Mental Health work and Criminal Justice work.

Creativation Community Ventures CIC was launched in 2010 to focus on our Mental Health / Criminal Justice Work.

Current Activities

We provide creative solutions to problems faced by individuals, organisations and communities.

Our range of services

We have continued to grow in a our respective service areas.

Our services and websites are organised to serve different customer groups.

Please see the respective group sites for specific service offerings.
Commercial SectorSocial Sector & Individuals

Quality Assurance

Business Improvement

Mental Health Services

Criminal Justice Support



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