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Starting Out

in brief, our background - how we started out.


Our portfolio takes into account personal development in 4 key areas:  Engineering, Counselling, Training, Mental Health.

Creativation was formally launched in 2000 after an extended 'apprenticeship' in the automotive industry (technical and business environment) in parallel with active community service in Mental Health and continuing personal development through Counselling training.

Creativation as an idea goes further back to a decade and a half development period during which learning from apparently different arenas came together into a coherent portfolio inspired by Handy's 'Shamrock Management' approach.

These slow realisations prompted a call to action and a step away from the comfortable confines of a 'regular' job in industry and towards independent practice.

It was simply a matter of reaching out to the world to share in the knowledge and experience.

Creativation was finally brought to life.